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Welcome to "Happy Walkers", an adventure company for dogs!

Truckee is an adventure capital of the world, and while you are here enjoying your outdoor adventure, Happy Walkers will make sure your energetic pup gets to enjoy theirs!  While you are working, skiing on vacation or a business trip, the last thing you want is to worry about is the safety and care of your pet.  Fido deserves to have just as much fun as you, and It's assured that they absolutely will!


You will notice a big improvement in your dogs confidence, responsiveness, trust, and over-all emotional well being, after playing with us!  

*Also offering drop-ins for cats and other pets*

Adventure Hikes

"Rain or shine, having fun all the time!"

Are your dogs home all day while you work or ski? Do you have an energetic dog that needs lots of excercise? Do you want to come home from a long day to an exhausted, happy and thriving dog? What dogs need MOST while you are gone is long walks, nature, social time, love and attention.  Our goal is to make sure your dog has



Our adventure hikes include pick-up/drop-off in the Truckee area, and 2+ hours of hiking; biking; swimming; skiing and out-door fun. When you come home from work or skiing, your dog will be worn out, loved-up, and VERY happy!!


This is a unique experience that transforms the life of your dog from "I wish I could".... to

"Best life ever"!


What kind of life does your companion deserve?  

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Cute Happy Dog
Cute Happy Dog



We will come to your house and give your dog(s) love and attention; make sure their food and water is full; and take them for an optional 20 minute cruise on a nearby trail or around the neighborhood, and play/cuddle with them.


We currently only service Truckee, CA, but have great recommendations for outside our radius!

Check out or Concierge Services page for more info!


Have other pets besides dogs? No problem, we've got you covered!  We can come by to feed, water and love up any critter you may have! (Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dragons excluded!)

*Currently only servicing the Truckee, CA area

"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail." 
-Kinky Friedman

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Drop-in's for Cats and other Pets