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We are a family of four living in Truckee, CA and we LOVE dogs! We don't have one of our own so we get our fix through hanging out with yours! 

We have both owned dogs most of our lives and know how dogs can be loved like your own children.  Our mission is to provide a FULL concierge service for your most beloved family member.  We hike them; cuddle and play with them; brush them; support them if they need training; socialize them; and give them an important place in "the pack" which helps them to build confidence and teamwork. 

Dogs who play with us, go home more confident, socialized, responsive, well-adjusted and happy!













 Hi, I'm Aeray! I have always loved dogs and grew up with many.  I got one of my own when I was 21 and had her until she passed after 11 years.  She was like a child to me, my most beloved companion.  She taught me so much about unconditional love; devotion; patience; loyalty; and trust.  There is nothing I've known like the relationship that can exist between man and dog.


I've always had an uncanny knack for communicating with dogs, and I use that combined with my background and education in psychology, and behavioral therapy, to give special support, encouragement, understanding and guidance to the ones who need it.  



I'm Tommy, I was born and raised in Truckee, and I grew up with a Golden Retriever ("Jones"), and a Border Collie ("Roo").  I have fond memories of navigating the local mountains with a K-9 buddy in tow.  I am the adventure-hike leader, and I know my way around surrounding wilderness.  I work with your dogs on treat reinforcement; off-leash hiking; and responsiveness to commands. I'm the Alpha, and I will make sure your dogs feel safe and protected within secure boundaries.  












Kaiya is 12, and Evren is 6, and they love to play with your pooch!  They help gently teach young dogs good behavior, and they look forward to giving your dogs treats, cuddling them, and playing fetch!  Although they are usually in school while we are out on adventures, they love to come with us when they can.  They love dogs and are well versed on good behavior around dogs, and how best to treat them. 



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