Concierge Services

Helping to give your dog the "Best Life EVER"!!!

If you don't see the service you are looking for, please ask as we are happy to tailor to your needs!

Drop-in Pet Care


(includes 20-30 min walk)                     $25

Extra Dog Fee                                $10

Holidays                                       $35

Cat and other pet care                     $25

*Currently only servicing the Truckee, CA area

Adventure Hikes

Giving dogs what they really need!

Come home to a worn out dog after a day of outdoor adventuring (Hiking; swimming; biking; fetch) 

includes pick-up and drop-off at your house.

Rain or shine! 

*Prices include pick-up and drop-off in Truckee, CA


* 1 Hour trail hike                                $35

*Half Day - 2+ hour adventures              $50

(6x the fun for less than twice the price of a drop-in!)


*Full Day - 5+ hour adventures               $65

(a great option for dogs who need all-day care)

Private Hikes: For dogs with special needs and/or dogs who don't get along with other dogs.  (1-4 dogs)


*Half Day -                                      $180

*Full Day -                                        $300




(Be sure to reserve far in advance, we fill up fast for holidays)


*1 hour adventures                                $45


*2 hour adventures                                $60

*5 hour adventures                                $75



Wedding Pet Attendant

(and other Events)

We tailor this service directly to your needs.  Perhpas you want your beloved pet to be in your wedding ceremony and walk down the aisle?  Or maybe you just want them to be a part of the party without having to worry about them and their needs?  We provide excellent service for your pet(s) while you enjoy the festivities!  

Services may include:

   - Rehearsal 

   - Consultation and meet and greet

   - Pickup for a morning hike to make sure

     your pup is calm and relaxed for the

     big day

   - Pre-ceremony bath   

   - Dressing your dog

   - Transport to and from the ceremony and


   - Walking them down the aisle

   - Attention and care during the ceremony
    and reception

   - Guest greeting

   - Feeding, watering and potty breaks 

   - Poop clean up

   - Photos of your dog through the day and


   - Day before hike to make a connection

    and bond with the dog(s) for comfort

    and familiarity

   - Any other special needs or requests you

     and your pup may have

* Contact us for a price quote

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